About Our Community

Our Goal

Everyday animals are killed in shelters because they haven't found a forever home. The goal here is simple. Help as many animals as possible and give every animal a chance to get adopted and be loved the way we love our fur friends by keeping you looking good and comfortable. In partnership with no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues, we do our part by donating up to 50% of net profits to our partnerships.

Our Values

When it comes to our values, they are simple but very important to us.

Making a difference

We believe with you we can really make a difference one shirt at a time.

Making a great product

We are committed to providing you the best customer service and product. We will always strive for improvement for you.


Everyday our team comes in with passionate energy to get to our goal. Our passion is fueled through our love for wanting to help animals. We believe there is no one more passionate than us.

Our Process

The process at Lamina is simple.

You make a purchase.

We donate up to 50% of the net profits to a local no kill shelter or animal rescue in your area. This helps them maintain resources in staying open and helping animals in need.

Put on our soft and comfortable shirt so you can feel and look good while supporting animals.

It's that simple! We get right to work after your purchase.

If you would like to tell us about a local no kill or animal rescue in your area contact us at:

Join Our Community

We are a community of loving pet parents. We are passionate about animals and would love to have you join our community!